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At YAS, we strictly limit our class size to fifteen students in order to give them the individual attention they require to develop into working artists. This formula is unique to the entertainment industry, but our model is proven to produce working actors sought after by directors and casting agents.

Our classes are fun. We encourage our students to get out of their heads and into their hearts. We coach our students to reach further than what is normally expected. Anyone can read a scene, but no respected working actor simply reads. Our students learn to understand the behavior and motivation of a scene through self-exploration, improvisation and relaxation. The goal is for our students to find the truth within the subtext and allow their imaginations to soar. Within a safe, supportive environment, we encourage our students to risk, explore, create, and to believe in the powers of their creativity.

At YAS, our classes are based on attaining the balance every working actor needs to succeed on set. Our instructors work as professional directors, writers, casting directors and actors and are passionate about their work. We appreciate the unique talents and gifts of our students, and formulate our classes to encourage profound growth based on our widely respected experience.

1 - 41. Have Fun!!!
42. Scenes should be memorized.
43. No cell phones in class.
44. No open toed shoes or flip flops.
45. Dress comfortably and for movement. No short skirts/ dresses.
46. No gum.
47. No eating in class.
48. Actors do not give notes to other actors.
49. Relax. Listen. React.
50. Have fun!!!

MAKE UP CLASS (Ages 8-17) : Miss a class during your session? We offer an all imrpov make up class once each session for ages 8-17! Dates & Times for each make-up class are listed above in the corresponsing session. Please call the office directly at 818-785-7979 to reserve your space!

MAKE UP CLASS (Adults) : Miss a class during your session? Adults may make up a missed class in the alternate class offered during that week. (i.e. if you miss Tuesday's class you can make it up on Thursday or vice versa.) Please call the office directly at 818-785-7979 to reserve your space!

AUDIT A CLASS: Anyone is welcome to audit a class in the appropriate age-range. If the actor likes it and decides to join the class, the full session amount is charged. If they decide it’s not for them then the audit is free. Please be advised that audits are for students only. Parents and other interested parties are welcome to attend our periodic Demo Classes. For more information or to request an audit date, please call the office at 818.785.7979.

(*Young Actors Space is legally bonded with the State of California Labor Commissioner) 

Our YAS 5-7 year old "Make Believe" acting class helps our youngest actors build confidence and work on focus and discipline. Through storytelling, relaxation, and play our youngest actors learn to listen, trust their imaginations and gain confidence while having fun.

Class pricing per session available on schedule.

Our YAS 8-11 year old acting class covers basic script analysis, wants, through-lines, and creating truthful performances through improvisation and the use of sensory work. The goal is to get the young actors ready to show up to a set relaxed, confident, secure, and excited to take direction.

Class pricing per session available on schedule.

Our YAS 12-14 year old acting class is wider age range class geared toward focus, truthful performances through improvisation, cold readings, and breaking down a script. We explore objectives, behavior, relaxation and trust. The goal is to get the young actors ready to show up to set relaxed, confident, secure, excited for the work.

Class pricing per session available on schedule.

Our YAS Teen acting class focuses on finding the writer’s voice through script analysis and making strong specific choices that are playable yet open to adjustments and direction. Our improvisations may be dramatic or comedic but are always based in truth. We encourage our teens to get out of their heads and into their hearts.

Class pricing per session available on schedule.

The YAS Adults acting class is for adult actors that are young at heart.  Whether a beginner or seasoned professional, this class covers script analysis, improv, staying in the moment, and the business side of being an adult actor in the ever evolving L.A. film and television market.  For our seasoned actors, this class will remind you why you fell in love with acting in the first place.

Class pricing per session available on schedule.

Our weekly On-Camera Audition class includes on-camera & audition techniques as well as truth based improvisation and scene study. Each actor will be coached, rehearse and shoot monologues and scenes in our professionally lit Audition On-Camera Room. Actors will then receive their filmed work to send to agents, managers, and casting directors.

Class pricing per session available on schedule.

Fundamentals of the IPA for Actors is a Dialects class that focuses on learning the International Phonetic Alphabet, or IPA, and applying it to the process of mastering a dialect. This is not a performance class; rather, this is a scholarly approach that ultimately allows actors to teach themselves any dialect or accent through focused study. Ages 14 and up. This class does not offer make-up days. For more info, click here to watch a video of the IPA in action!

Class pricing per session available on schedule. Additional Dialects classes are also available once you have taken this "Fundamentals of the IPA" class. Please call Scott Moffitt at our office for full class and registration info: 818.785.7979!

Our YAS "Summer Intensive Production Conservatory" for 10-18 year olds is a fast paced production where actors from all over the world create an original production in 10 days. The Conservatory meets Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm. It focuses on improvisation and theatre technique and culminates in the premiere of an original play written specifically for the actors involved, which is performed in the Whole Theatre. Actors will experience the art of creating a play from concept to final performance. (Limit: 20 students)

Conservatory pricing available on schedule.

This 5 day program for 10-17 year olds will include on-camera & audition technique as well as truth based improvisation and scene study. An original scene will be written specifically for each actor. They will be coached, rehearse and shoot the original scene in our professionally lit Audition On-Camera Room. Actors will then receive a personality slate and a scene ready to send to agents, managers, and casting directors.

On-Camera Intensive pricing available on schedule.

Whether for a casting director, agent, producer session, or college audition, Private Coachings are extremely helpful. Offered via Skype online or In Person at Young Actors Space, Actors will work one on one with one of our coaches in order to personalize the audition. Actors should show up with the lines already memorized and two copies of the script pages.  The process helps the actor makes strong specific choices while still remaining flexible for adjustments in the audition room and greatly increases the odds of getting a callback.
One Hour - $150 (In Person -or- Skype)
Half Hour - $100 (Skype Only)


Need a self-taped audition or a taped scene to show an agent, manager, or casting director? Film with one of our coaches in our professionally lit On-Camera Room and receive your best take via a Hightail link within 24 hours.
90 Minutes - $200 Base Rate
Each additional half hour - $50
Each additional take upload - $10
Additional Rush Upload Fee (within 12 hours or less) - $50




Classes Offered:
Sunday     12:30pm-3:00pm  
Sunday     4:00pm-6:30pm 
Tuesday   7:00pm-10:00pm  
Tuition / Duration:
Tuition Varies. More info at:

These workshops teach audition techniques for commercials, features and episodic TV. They cover camera technique, working in close-up, getting your eyes off the page, seamlessly handling the sides, script analysis, developing a strong moment-before, finding the humor in the scene, finding the important event in the scene, integrating your personality into every role and more. Students work in 2 studios, a minimum of three times a night on-camera. An Industry Guest attends the last class in the Adult Workshop.



Classes Offered:
Mon, Wed -___ 7:00pm-11:00pm
Tuition / Duration:
Contact for Info & Registration:
(818) 793-4484

The "Breakin Through Acting Workshop" inspires and empowers actors by training them diligently in the craft of acting and opens doors by making major changes in the film industry. It creates a community style atmosphere in which actors are equipped, prepared & nurtured into becoming A-List and set ready directable actors. BTAW covers: Scene Study, Audition Preparation, Accents, Physical exercises, emotion exercises, stage action, scene interpretation, improv and set etiquette. Fundamentals Include “A No Pressure Policy” and “ Maintaining Integrity and a love of the craft at all times".
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